Earlier Works

I made films from the late 1970's until 1990. These films are currently being restored, digitized and archived at Anthology Film Archives in NYC (news will follow). These films were constructed frame-by-frame from drawings and/or were optically re-printed digestions of found footage. Art films then were called "experimental films" and were made with all due disrespect. I taught filmmaking in tandem with Robert Breer at Cooper Union in NYC. I learned a lot from my students.


1979 The Lives of Firecrackers. 16mm. 5 firecrackers sit on a table and discuss the meaning of their lives until the inevitable occurs.

1983 Luck in Loose Plaster: Filmed drawings & live action images, 16 mm. The title/text is from Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons (with permission)

1983 GAWRSH I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WAS A LADY! : Optically printed takedown of a classic cartoon, 16mm

1985 “What is the Use [of a violent kind of delightfulness if there is no pleasure in not getting tired of it]." The title is from Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons (with permission). What is the Use ...was a live film/ performance piece presented at the Whitney Museum during the 1985 Biennial. The performance utilized a contraption comprised of two 16 mm projectors --one hand cranked on a tripod head and the other bicycle powered. Two vertically abutted films coursed through the projectors at aleatory speeds determined by the artist. Composer Neil Rolnick provided accompanying sound.

1989 Reverse Transcriptase. Optically reprinted images and filmed drawings. 16 mm

The genetic code of the HIV/AIDS (then HTLVI) virus is cinematically reconstructed rapid-fire from 4 classic animation images: a hook, a mop, a flagpole and a pully.