This Happened

THIS HAPPENED is a storyboard of of 8 tableaux vivant-like paintings, about brutalities perpetrated by whites against people of color in the last five centuries.

(1) The Sangoma and European tradesman, about 1500. This happened. "I take a mask, and that's not all I take!".

Around 1500, the enslavement and subjugation of the peoples of Africa and the Americas started up.

Sangoma is a Zulu term for healer/diviner.

(2) Sixteen hundred. We whites did this.The Sangoma has been felled. 

(3) Seventeen hundred. Uprootings, rape, beatings, and terror are our modus operandi.

(4) About eighteen hundred. We do this through government and wars.

If you clasp a snakeball, you may drop other things such as your cudgel, your mask. Snakeballs are phenomena that occur in nature when snakes gather to mate. This is a governmental snakeball.

The mask has fallen off and the white man's face now reveals the onset of an aura. Auras are hallucinatory spectacles associated with migraines.

BETWEEN the 4th and 5th images (between 1800—1900), whites beat whites, and also non-whites. This is unfinished business. A new mask is donned.

(5) About nineteen hundred. It is futile to be a midwife to this white man who is pregnant with his own death. But is it too early to call this?

BETWEEN the 5th and 6th images (between 1950—now) the white man loses his balance and falls. 

(6) About twenty hundred, right now. Oh no, is he still alive?! This isn't ending! 

S.O.S. (dot, dot, dot, dash, dash, dash, dot, dot, dot). To whom do we send this message?